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The doctor Franjo Grotenhermen

Dr. Franjo Grotenhermen is one of the pioneer in medical cannabis in Germany.


MRFOXMAD is a songwriter, composer, and singer from Madrid. The band born in Madrid 5 years ago and this short Doc it's about their new LP AMSTERDAM.


A short doc about the unique aesthetics of the Lanzarote island.

REFUGEES – VR Documentary

Refugees is a Winner short documentary about the bigger Humanitarian crisis after II WW.


Behind the scenes of a VR documentary #StopStraatintimidatie

Soldado Sanchez

"Soldado Sanchez" is a web series of 3 chapters, that covers the last two years of the current president of Spain.

Sounds of a Revolution

October 26th, Catalonia declared independence in the midst of the greatest European political and social conflict after the fall of the Berlin Wall.



Tens of thousands of people have taken part in a protest in Paris against France's labour reforms.About 2,000 riot police were deployed to prevent a repeat of the violent clashes during the last demonstration on 17th June 2016.