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Tango y San Telmo

San Telmo, Fangio and Gardel.

Chicago and Montevideo

Chicago and Montevideo has inspired me, pretty much than anyplace else on Earth. There's no shortage of things to say about this cities.Completely opposite of each other and anyone who passes through will likely have something compelling to say about it.

Dancers in the streets

Dancers in the street. A photography project to show the magic of bodies in movement.

Lines and curves

Lines, straight, curves,invisibles. Location, Bilbao, Sapin.

Refugees, welcome

Refugees, just arriving in the island of Lesbos, after a long trip where thousands of them lost their life.The biggest humanitary tragedy after the WWII.


“The marvels of daily life are exciting; no movie director can arrange the unexpected that you find in the street.” ..


“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, gaiety and life to everything"


The capital of the world. Lisbon, probably one of the most beautiful&romantic cities in this planet.