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The Doctor is a documentary about the life of Franjo Grotenhermen, a pioneering doctor who saw the therapeutic the potential of medicinal cannabis. A doctor, a researcher, and a political activist who has been fighting for the right of his patients to have legal access to medical cannabis.

La Roska- Far Away

La Roska is a Dutch pop-rock-ska band with South American roots. Based in Amsterdam, their music is a powerful blend of rhythms inspired by classic rock, old-school ska, and Latin folklore.


A short doc about the unique aesthetics of the Lanzarote island.

REFUGEES – VR Documentary

Refugees is a Winner short documentary about the bigger Humanitarian crisis after II WW.

Showreel 2020

Last year I have been travelling and discovering new places but also creating new content and making documentaries.

Color reel 2020

A few samples from my latest projects I've been working on as a colorist.