Winner- Best Documentary

Heart Of Europe International Monthly Film Festival (HEI)(Slovakia)

Winner- Best Documentary

Pure Magic International Film Festival (The Netherland) 

Winner- Best Documentary

Indie Movies Spark Film Festival (The Netherland)

Winner- Best Documentary

Indo French International Film Festival (India)

Winner- Best Documentary

Brussels Capital Film Festival, (Belgium)

          Showcase at Busan International Film Festival  (BIFF) Korea.

Busan International Film Festival, the most dynamic film event in Asia as well as the largest Asian

Asian film celebration.

Showcase at Seoul International NewMedia Festival (NeMaf) Korea

NeMaf has since been destorying the boundaries between video and art with creative energy and passion. It is dedicated to introducing new media art works that offer new imaginations and new uses for art and media.

The festival is highly interactive, encouraging communication between artists and audiences.

Showcase at the Nouveaux Cinema Festival, France

Showcase at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York

Frameless Labs and the MAGIC Center at Rochester Institute of Technology are a collaborative community that serves to foster efforts in emerging media, content, and technology throughout the Rochester region.

 Official Selection  at Movies that matter, The Netherland

Founded in March 2006, Movies that Matter followed in the footsteps of the Amnesty International Film Festival.

It continued and enhanced the festival’s activities, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Official Finalist at SIMA (Social Impact Media Awards), U.S.A

SIMA (Social Impact Media Awards) is an annual global film competition and traveling series celebrating eye-opening impact cinema from around the world that inspires activism, compassion, and social transformation.

Showcase at the World Government Summit 2017, Dubai

World Government Summit, Dubai 2017

The World Government Summit Organization has selected ‘REFUGEES’ to be showcased at the event. The documentary will be used to generate awareness in a unique and creative way.

The World Government Summit Organization is a non-profit, non-government entity focusing on shaping a better future for citizens across the world by empowering governments with knowledge and creating partnerships. This annual summit brings together over 3,000 leaders from both the public and private sector, coming from more than 130 countries.

Official selection for VAULT FILM FESTIVAL, U.K


"Refugees" was selected in the category of best short documentary.

Official selection SHIFT FILM FESTIVAL, The Netherland


Shift Film Festival is an audiovisual festival which focuses on the fast and dynamically changing ways in which films are being made and watched.

Winner Seoul ICARUS Drone International Film Festival, South Korea

Prize awarded by the chairman of ICARUS organization committee
Prize awarded by the chairman of ICARUS evaluation committee

Auggie Awards
Best Art or Film 2016, U.S.A

"Refugees" won the Best Art or Film sponsored by the CFC: Art Installations or films including design concepts and documentary films that explore the augmented or virtual world

Best European Independent Experimental Film 2016, France

 ECU Film Festival 2016 France